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Tech Genie realizes the value of an influential internet presence. That’s why we help you create, optimize, and market content across ALL social channels.

Creating content, scheduling, and connecting with your audience is the most vital part of any brand’s marketing strategies in this age and time. That’s why our team closely works with you to understand the ins and outs of your business, goals, and target market. You want your brand to leave its mark on the social world, and Tech Genie is here to help you do it right.

Social Media Management

What’s digital media marketing without prompt social media management? At Tech Genie headquarters, we take a close look at all the necessary aspects of social media mangement and provide you with an end-to-end service. You need the right marketing experts (like ourselves) oozing with creativity and smartness to nail the social media management of a business or client. From managing your social media accounts to posting content and dealing with quirks of help & support teams of these social media platforms, we do it all.

Paid Advertisement

Catchy copy, intuitive design, and a perfectly curated audience are the ingredients you need to run a successful advertisement campaign. We offer you a power-packed package comprising of audience analysis, ad design, A/B testing, and much more. Even a limited budget can’t create a significant impact, and our experts know the exact creativity to smartness ratio for this.

Content Creation

Brand awareness, audience engagement, and virality depend on the quality of content your brand is producing for its audience. Our copywriters, designers, and content strategists are known for creating ROI-focused content.

Influencer Marketing

The wonders of influencer marketing cannot be denied. Not anymore. Nyxt Digital has a vast influencer network that you can benefit from. Our experts handpick the right influencers for your industry and manage every aspect of the process.

Lead Generation

Meeting the set KPIs and maximizing your business is what we do the best. From the right target audience to clickable content and user-friendly landing pages, we design you high-performance social media lead generation campaigns. We guarantee you qualified leads.


We’ve come up with various packages to meet the specific needs of all businesses out there. Our packages are for the following services


$ 99.99

(1 TIme)


$ 249.99

(3 Months)

Advance (Popular)

$ 599.99

(3 Months)


$ 999.99

(3 Months)

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the new marketing horizon for a lot of businesses. We'll help your businesses reach new heights!

LinkedIn Marketing

Looking for b2b marketing through LinkedIn? Well, the lead generation campaigns work like a charm. Let's get started!

Twitter Marketing

Tweets, retweets, likes are the main metrics that are important for a strong Twitter handle and we'll make sure to get you on top of every trend through them!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is inarguably the best platform for business and services focusing more on the visual side. With a strong creative and paid marketing team, we're all set to put you in front of millions of Instagrammers!

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We’ve come up with various packages to meet the specific needs of all businesses out there. Our packages are for the following services

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