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google and shopify partnership

Tech‌ ‌Industry‌ ‌Welcomes‌ ‌an‌ ‌E-Commerce‌ ‌Evolution‌ ‌Featuring‌ ‌Google‌ ‌and‌ ‌Shopify‌ ‌

Google extends its partnership with Shopify to let merchants sell their products through google services

Google is expanding its partnership with the e-commerce giant Shopify by letting the company’s 1 Billion plus sellers make their products more discoverable through Google properties. The announcement was made by Google’s president for commerce and payments, Bill Ready, at the Google I/O conference last week. 

In addition, Google is also improving the online shopping experience with added ways to shop, including the feature of finding the products through screenshots. This action comes from Google and Shopify in efforts to compete against Amazon in e-commerce. 

Here are the highlights of all the announcements made by the tech giant:

This new collaboration with Shopify enables merchants and sellers to get discovered by the consumers across all Google platforms, including Search, Maps, Lens, YouTube, and even more. This integration gets more profound as the partners tend to publish the entire inventory across google.

We believe you deserve the most choice available, and we’ll continue to innovate on shopping every step of the way.” Said Ready. Surprisingly, the company didn’t offer comprehensive details about the announced partnership. 

Bill also provided insights about discovering more with new and modern AI-powered shopping experiences. This would make Shopify sellers link to Google’s ‘Shopping Graph,’ a dataset of all the 24 billion product listings, stock, and sellers. He stated;

The Shopping Graph is a dynamic, AI-enhanced model that understands a constantly changing set of products, sellers, brands, reviews, and most importantly, the product information and inventory data we receive from brands and retailers directly — as well as how those attributes relate to one another.”

This highly advanced tool was made available last year to aid sellers during the pandemic. To get a better understanding of the said tech, keep yourself in a scenario. While scrolling on the web, you liked a pair of shoes, but you cannot know the seller’s website. Here comes the Shopping Graph. It lets consumers look up products within any screenshot in Google Photos. Convenient enough, huh?

If you’re an e-commerce store owner, it may be beneficial to test this feature and check if your products are optimized for Google lens. Take a screenshot of a photo displaying one of your products. Then see if Google Photos can identify the product and directs you to the page where you can do the purchasing. 

When it comes to distribution, Shopify isn’t one of the shining stars. However, it is integrated with other immense platforms like Facebook and Tiktok. 

While the sellers are happy with the latest advancements, the investors are also full of merriment as the stock popped up by 3.52% after the announcement.

With the e-commerce industry booming globally, this advancement will motivate individuals to start their entrepreneurial journey. It’s high time to hire the right e-commerce website development company which would aid you in carrying out businesses more efficiently. 

Don’t wait, point your phone’s camera and start searching and shopping the world around you!