We Help Businesses Communicate & Convert Digitally

With a creative approach and strong command of technological marketing solutions, our team is set to help you grow your business online.

We Help Businesses Communicate & Convert Digitally

With a creative approach and strong command of technological marketing solutions, our team is set to help you grow your business online.


Our goal is to make your life easier

Creative Approach

What keeps us apart and ahead of our others is that we always use a creative approach to design optimum digital marketing solutions for your business.

Advanced Concepts

We’ve actually boosted the growth of 1000+ businesses via incorporating advanced concepts and cutting-edge tools.

Flexible Technologies

The technologies we incorporate to design a befitting digital marketing strategy for your business are the latest and flexible.

At Tech Genie, we help businesses grow exponentially, by designing the technology tools that they need to win.

Web-focused development using the latest tools to deliver an effective solution for you.

Our client say it all

The feedback we get from our customers tells about our cooperation better than we do and makes us move forward.


Our recent work

Our Services

We help brands & companies stand out in the digital age.

It’s not just our track record, the efficiency of our process, and the quality of our products. It’s the secret ingredient that makes it all happen: the bravery of our people

Social Media Marketing

Our social media team is pretty well-known in the industry for coming up with ingenious SMM campaigns

Web Development

Your online presence starts with a website and we’ll create the perfect one for you!

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO is pretty famous in the town! Keywords go up and above when they hear our name!

branding & design

Branding is like, a walk in the park for us! Come to us like a simple paper and we’ll turn you into a shiny brand!

Ecommerce Development

It is all about convenience, we are the best in town for making top notch ecommerce stores.

Reputation Management

Since we have so much diversity of creative minds, reputation management is easy peasy!

Agile approach to development for your business.

We follow the result-focused way of doing things and the Agile approach helps us stay flexible and maintain control.

Flawless incorporation

As soon you sign up with us, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you who will take care of everything in your requirements!

24/7 Customer Support

Reach out to you anytime you want, even it’s a small bug, we’ll get it fixed for you. Our customer support team is trained to come up with quick solutions to any problem.

Business growth

Even a web developer, or an organic marketer, the whole team has Business Growth as their core focus since it is important to have that in mind.


We make products with strategy


It all eventually comes down to the strategy so we keep it on top of the list. We start off with requirement gathering and then planning out the whole journey. That’s why we make funnels that work.


Design is that first impression that hooks the user so we make sure that we give out our best and most original piece to every client. Designing the customer journey can be a tedious task but we make it a breeze for you.


As soon as the design is finalized, the masterpiece then goes into development. Our geeky workforce starts writing magical code which then becomes the founding pillar of successful sales channels.


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We are a 360 digital marketing and creative design agency that empowers thought leaders, fortune 500 companies, and visionary startups to unlock their greater profitability and digital growth through implementation of technology tools

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